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Local Access Number Availability
Australian Phone Cards - Local Access Number Availability

The majority of phone cards in Australia have local access numbers in most major Australian cities and towns. Whenever possible you should try to find phone cards that have a local access number in the place you are calling from. The rate quoted on this website is based on calls made from the phone card's local access number.

If the phone card you want to buy does not have a local access number in place you are in, you can still use the card if the card has a 1800 or 1300 number. However, there is usually a small additional per minute surcharge for using the 1800 (between 10 - 20 cents/ min) or 1300 number (between 3 to 5 cents/ min). For example, if the rate quoted to India is 45 cents/ min and you are using a 1300 number, 50 cents/ min will be deducted from your card when you call India.

Most Country customers should use the 1300 number to avoid STD charges. The additional 5 - 10 cents/ min that is taken off your phone card when you use the 1300 number is usually cheaper then the STD charges imposed by you telephone service provider (eg: Telstra/ Optus) when you call from a country area to the capital city where the local access number is located.

Please click on the area that you are in on the list below to see the cards that have a local access number in your area.


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