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Orders are processed within 24 hours
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Most phonecard PINs are emailed to you INSTANTLY
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Why Buy from Us

An easy way to reduce your monthly phone bills! No connection fee, No service fee & No hidden fee!

With more than 10 million cards emailed to various customers all over the world, Phone Card Point is one of the largest online retailer and distributor of prepaid international calling cards for long distance calling. We offer the best selection of high quality and reliable of prepaid calling cards, to help you save money on every long distance call that you make, anytime from any telephone.

Apart from the fact that we are Australia's oldest and largest online phone card retailer, here are some other reasons to buy from us.

Phone Card Point Other online stores Retail shops
PIN instantly emailed to you so you can call immediately Present some Absent
All cards sold have no weekly or daily maintenance fee Present Absent Absent
Detailed terms and conditions on all cards sold Present some Absent
Recharge online or by phone 24/7 Present Absent Absent
Toll free Australian based customer service Present Absent Absent
Guarantee that you will get connected or money back Present Absent Absent
Use your phone card without entering a PIN Present some some
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