Web to SMS is a great new way to send SMS messages from your internet browser. BAYCALL.COM offers you an inexpensive yet feature packed service which allows you to send text messages from our service.

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The BAYCALL.COM cost advantage

Compare BAYCALL.COM to other web to SMS providers, and you quickly realise it offers simply the best value for money in Australia. The most you will ever pay for a standard SMS with BAYCALL.COM is 7.95c, less if you purchase higher volume message packages, compare that to some of the other well known companies such as Telstra 19c to 25c, Iprimus 18c, mbox 13c, Optus 25c and Three 24c. Also many of our competitors tie you into a contract plan or minimum monthly spend. BAYCALL.COM offers the cheapest Australian originated SMS in the country, with outstanding features and reliability. Try us for free, and see. back to top>

No contacts, no commitments

With BAYCALL.COM there is no hidden fees or charges, no contract periods, no commitments at all. We won't force you into paying for anything you don't order yourself, and our minimum package is just $7.95. We give you the greatest flexibility possible. back to top>

No joining fees

We won't charge you a setup or 'admin' charge. Signup a new account for free, no strings attached. All you pay for is the credits you will use. back to top>

Savings calculator

Save money every month by using BAYCALL.COM. With our standard SMS costing just 8c per message (and getting cheaper with volume purchases) you can make real savings each month, not to mention how much easier sending SMS using your keyboard is (your mobile based on 25c per message, with BAYCALL.COM based off 7.95c per message). back to top>

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Free trial for new accounts

Try our service for free! No hidden fees, no charges, no commitments. Just a complimentary trial so you can see how good our service is first hand. back to top>

Complete address book

All accounts come complete with a fully featured address book, just like email. Store names, mobile numbers and notes for every person in your address book. You can even create different groups of addresses and send to everyone in a particular group at one time, making sending bulk SMS easy. back to top>

Bulk SMS sending ability

With BAYCALL.COM you can send to one or numerous recipients at once with a single submit. This makes broadcasting the same message to many people a snap. You can even setup groups in the address book and send an SMS to everyone in that group with just a couple of mouse clicks. back to top>

Personalised Bulk SMS

Sending the same SMS announcement to 1000 people does not have to be impersonal. With BAYCALL.COM you can simply add #first name# or #last name# in your text message and if the recipients first and last name is in your BAYCALL.COM address book then #first name# and #last name# will be replaced by your recipients first and last name when your text is sent to them. For example, if Bob Jones is listed in your address book and you send the following message:

#first name# #last name#, your car is ready.

The following SMS will appear on Bob's mobile phone.

Bob Jones, your car is ready.

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Delivery notification & logging

Unlike SMS messages that you send from your mobile phone you can request an email delivery report of the SMS messages that you send though our service. The delivery report will be emailed to you within 6 hours and will show the mobile numbers that did not receive your SMS message. There may be a number of reasons why the mobile number did not receive your message. For example, the mobile number may not be valid or the mobile phone is switched off or out of range. In the case where the mobile phone is switched off or out of range our system will keep trying to send the SMS for the next 72 hours. You will not be charged for failed SMS messages. Unfortunately, the messages that are successfully delivered after 6 hours are not shown in the delivery report. back to top>

Export delivery log to CSV file

You can export the outbox to a CSV file, to view in your spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. This feature could be of great use if you plan to use BAYCALL.COM for your business, or simply like to keep local records of every message you have sent together with their delivery report. back to top>

Access from anywhere

You may access the BAYCALL.COM service from almost any computer or device connected to the internet that has an internet browser, anywhere in the world, any time of day or night. If your want to use our service from your smartphone please go to http://wap.baycall.com
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Replies routed to your mobile

When people reply to your messages, they are routed back to your mobile phone as if they were sent from there. This way you can fully use BAYCALL.COM for two-way SMS conversations while paying a fraction of what your mobile phone company charges you for SMS. back to top>

Export/Import address book with XLS file

Your accounts contact book can be downloaded to an excel spreadsheet or downloaded into Excel for changes or for your own records. Additionally, we offer the ability to quickly upload your contact book via Excel by copying and pasting your excel contact into our fast import screen (Click here to watch Demo) back to top>

No installation required

The BAYCALL.COM service is driven from your internet browser, with all the processing and system duties performed by our server. This means you are not required to install any applications on your computer, which would be beneficial while you're at work. Simply open our page, log in and send SMS. Our service is safe, reliable and should be available through your organisation's firewall. back to top>

Rapid SMS delivery

SMS messages sent through BAYCALL.COM are delivered fast, typically within 10 seconds. Occasionally mobile networks may experience congestion affecting delivery times, however, BAYCALL.COM provides mobile grade delivery reliability each and every time. We also provide real-time news updates if any sector of our network may be experiencing delays. back to top>

Reliable SMS delivery

BAYCALL.COM operates its own SMS network delivery infrastructure through our communication partners, ensuring the highest level of message delivery reliability you can expect. BAYCALL.COM only uses Australian originated end-providers to route our messages. back to top>

Save your fingers with BAYCALL.COM

Save your fingers! Sending long SMS from your phone can be a laborious process often accompanied by 'finger fatigue' when sending large SMS. It can also be particularly tricky when non-standard characters or numbers need to be entered. With BAYCALL.COM, type with comfort and speed from your keyboard as you would an email. back to top>

Schedule SMS when SMS are sent

If you do not want to send your SMS immediately you can tell BAYCALL.COM the time that you want your SMS to be sent. This feature is useful for sending reminders to yourself or your customers or for sending Birthday greetings. back to top>


After you have signed up to our service you can not only send SMS from the web and your internet-enabled mobile phone but you can also send SMS messages from your email client (for example Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.). To do this simply enter the mobile number that you want to send your SMS to followed by "baycall.com" in the "To" field of your email client eg: 04XXXXXXXX@baycall.com and in the subject line of your email enter your mobile number that you registered when you signed up followed by an "@" and then your password for our service. Then simply type your text message on the email. For example, if your mobile number is "04YYYYYYYY" and your password was "secret123", you would insert 614YYYYYYYY@secret123 in the subject of the email. The mobile number on the "To" field does not have to have the international code prefix of your country (eg: 61 for Australia) but the mobile number in the subject line needs the international code. An example can be seen below:

To: 04XXXXXXXX@baycall.com
Subject: 614YYYYYYYY@secret123
Message: This is a test txt msg

To direct SMS replies to your registered email address rather than to your registered mobile please add "!" to the beginning of the subject. For example:

To: 04XXXXXXXX@baycall.com
Subject: !614YYYYYYYY@secret123
Message: This is a test txt msg

Sometimes you may prefer your business name or nickname instead of your mobile number to appear as the sender. For example, instead of having your mobile number, 04XXXXXXXX as the sender you can make the sender "A1 Car Repair". To do this using our Email2SMS service insert a Sender ID that is less than 11 characters in brackets after your phone number in the subject. For example:

To: 04XXXXXXXX@baycall.com
Subject: 614YYYYYYYY(A1 Car Repair)@secret123
Message: This is a test txt msg

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Customized Sender ID

Sometimes you may want your SMS to appear to be from your business name or nickname instead of from your mobile number. For example, instead of having your mobile number, 04XXXXXXXX as the sender you can make the sender "A1Car Repair" with texts sent from BAYCALL.COM. However, if you choose to have a customized sender ID on your SMS, the recipients of your SMS will not be able to reply to your SMS. Please note that spoofing is illegal and strictly prohibited on BAYCALL.COM. back to top>

Australia wide coverage

Reach all the major Australian providers. Click here to see our complete coverage back to top>

International coverage

In addition to our extensive Australian domestic coverage, BAYCALL.COM connects you to a world of mobiles. Click here to see our complete coverage back to top>

No installation required

BAYCALL.COM runs through your browser, allowing access from any computer worldwide where there is an internet connection. This is great if you access BAYCALL.COM from your workplace where you might not have permission install applications. Simply log into BAYCALL.COM from your internet browser, and you're ready to send SMS. back to top>

SMS Templates

There is no need to type the same SMS message over and over again. If you regularly send the same SMS message you can use our template feature. Set up an unlimited number of SMS templates. See How do I set up templates? back to top>

No Spam!

We guarantee that we will not send any unsolicited SMS messages to the mobile numbers and email addresses that you use on our website. back to top>

Multiuser accounts

With our multiuser feature you, can let your friends or employees use your credits to send messages without giving them your password. This is done by making them a sub-user of your account. To make someone a sub-user simply ask them to join our service and give you their username that they selected when they signed up (they do not have to give you their password). Log in to your account and go to the New SMS page. Click on the box to the right of "Please use another user's account" and add your friend or employees username in the box provided and click on the "Attach" button. Your friend or employee is now a sub-user on your account and the credits for the messages they send will be deducted from the credits in your account. Your sub-user can revert back to using their own credit and mobile number by pressing the "Detach" button in the same area in their account. You will be able to see the messages sent by your sub-users in your "Sent SMS" box, but they will not be able to see the massages that you send. There is no limit to the number of sub-users you can have on your account. back to top>

Auto Contact Group Creation

When you set up a contact group you can allow people to automatically join your group by sending an SMS with a keyword to one of our mobile numbers. People that SMS this keyword to our mobile number will automatically appear in your contact book. People that are in your contact group can also leave the group by sending a keyword to the same mobile number. Our group messaging feature also allows you to give people in your contact group rights to allow them to send Group SMS to all members in the group from their mobile phone. This feature can be handy for social or sports clubs where a few members of the club (eg: leaders of the club) need to constantly send messages to everybody in the club. How to use it? back to top>

SMS Offers and Discount Coupons with an Opt-out option

Using our Special Offers feature you can easily set up an SMS blast to send out discount codes and special offers to your customers where your customers can elect to opt-out of future SMS offers by replying with the word "OPT-OUT". Customers that have opted-out can elect to receive offers again by replying to your SMS with the word "OPT-IN". How do I do this? back to top>

Features and Benefits of BAYCALL.COM

Lowest Rate
Easy to Use
Quick Setup
Risk Free
Simply the best value rates in Australia. Get more TXT for your money!
Save you fingers! Sending SMS is a snap with BAYCALL.COM!
Address book, complete message history and CSV export.
Trial our service for free! Sign up now and 5 message credits FREE!